Session Details

I offer counselling sessions for children, young people and families. Each client is different, so each session will involve techniques that are the most age-appropriate and well suited for the party's individual needs.

If I am providing an attachment based therapy this will include sessions with parents and an individual package will be tailored to meet the families needs.

Further information on Dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) and Video interaction guidance (VIG) is available on request

I have two therapy dogs which can be used within children's sessions if the child is comfortable.

counselling therapy room bedford
The sessions can cover a variety of issues affecting young people and can include support for:
  • trauma
  • transitions
  • behavioural issues & management strategies
  • sexual abuse
  • family relationships/conflict
  • relationship breakdown
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • self-harm

The initial session will consist of an assessment to determine the type of intervention and approach required. This will include parents/carers where age appropriate.


The assessment will include a consultation with parents/carers to plan and outline any future work. 


The sessions will be confidential to the child or young person, however, parents will have regular reviews with the child's or young person's consent.


The sessions will be 45 minutes long but can be tailored to the child's or young person's needs. Evening and weekend appointments are available.


All sessions are charged on a sliding scale starting from £80 , both for assessments and treatment, depending on the type of intervention


Sessions can be either virtual or face to face.


If sessions are not cancelled within 24 hours notice, a charge will be required.